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Lezlie Fergus


I began to volunteer for three Canine charities after adopting two dogs of my own. Unfortunately dog ‘wee’ and grass do not work well and it’s got into an awful state.
I am also very much into saving the bees etc and what garden I have I would love to be able to create a ‘greener’ space to encourage more bees, butterflies and the like.
I would also like to become more self sufficient with fruit and vegetables and I have no idea where to start. To even tackle one of these things would be a massive help.
With a full time job, devoting a lot of time to my charity work and also having a chronic disability I try to have a go at things but i either don’t have the time or the energy to make it work properly. It would be such a help to make my garden more manageable and to have it work for for me but also for the environment would be a dream come true.
I’ve made some changes and regretted them, but I’ve got lots of ideas, things in pots and existing plants that are getting out of control. I just need help getting it in order so I can maintain it.

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  • Kareen Dyer 8 months ago

    Well deserved


  • Carolyn Cairns 8 months ago

    You deserve this for all that you do xx


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