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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Natalie Davies


My garden needs a makeover because we want somewhere safe and attractive for our three year old daughter to play outside and learn about nature. We have been in this house just over a year and it has been a very busy year, we had been concentrating on decorating the interior as one of the previous owners had sadly been very ill before she passed away so there was a lot of cosmetic work needed to get the house up to scratch which means the garden has been neglected for even longer. We also had a miscarriage just before Christmas which was traumatic in itself but this happened while we were getting the kitchen replaced and knocking the wall down which involved several hospital visits for me. The wall coming down also set off Lara’s asthma so she ended up in hospital then too and we all ended up living at my mums two weeks before Christmas. The end of the last year was hard on all of us and as I already suffer with depression getting fresh air and being outside is something that really helps lift our moods.
We started working on small areas of the garden last year so that Lara would at least have one safe area she could play in outside but due to the upheaval in the last year it is still in a state of neglect. The back garden is mostly lawn which is b bumpy and uneven which has a big risk of Lara tripping and hurting herself. It’s also dangerous for Mat cutting the lawn - we would really love to have this flattened out and extend our patio area maybe with some decking or more slabs.We would really love a place we could sit outside and relax in in the evening and a place for Lara to play safely during the day. It would be lovely to relax and actually start to enjoy the house rather than the pressure of a constant list of things we need to do to get it up to scratch. It would be nice to be able to invite our friends for a barbecue without being embarrassed of the state of our garden.We want a garden we can nurture and enjoy like our last garden- a little haven where I can read a book on the odd days of sun. It would mean so much if we won this- my husband would be so thrilled as I’ve entered us without him knowing and it is really him that ends up with the manual labouring which he struggles to fit in working a 50 hour week. We would be over the moon to have a garden to be proud of that we could care for. Crossing our fingers that it’s our lucky day!

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  • Jenna 5 months ago

    Fingers crossed for you xx


  • Shona Digance 5 months ago

    Fingers crossed for you all!! Good luck x


  • Sarah Herd 5 months ago

    Good luck chick!