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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Karen Allen


I’ve been in and out of hospital since 2014 having mobility problems had my left hip replaced that was a success so I had the right one done 12 months later had problems with it from the start. 6 months later after having all test done nothing showed anything wrong my consultant asked if I would go for a second opinion so I said yes, after seeing another consultant in August 2015 he said I needed revision surgery so I had that done in September 2015 that wasn’t a success. I’ve struggled been in so much pain had dislocations spent 6 weeks in Hospital a few times and wheelchair bound. Seen by another two consultant who said they would get me walking again after them saying that I’ve been let down and had to find another consultant who would take me on so in February 2018 I had more revision surgery I was doing ok till my stitches came out. Wound opened up and I got infection in it so four weeks later more surgery to try and get the infection out beeen told that I need long term antibiotics and when they stop them they are concerned that infection still there so I’ll need more surgery to take implant out for 3/4 months then after that put a new implant in. I don’t go out only to appointment and my husband looking after me and doing all the household tasks he’s not got much time to spend in the garden and that is his pride and joy I feel that we could do with a make over because I spend all my time looking out on to our garden and it would give my husband pleasure too. I need something else to focus on instead of all my problems I’m so depressed
I am only 53 years of age I feel like a old woman

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