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Valerie Shorney


I love my garden .But the last 2 years I have not had time to look after it as I have been looking after my sister and mum .My sister had kidney disease since the age of 18 then she had kidney cancer and sadly passed away on boxing day 2015 .I was the main support for her husband.My mum was also in her last year of life with a heart condition and a aorto anyrsium .I WAS her main carer I also work full time .Then my husband became ill his bowel perferated and he was given 24 hours .Thank god he got through it he is still waiting for a bowel op.With all this going on i had a breakdown I now suffer from anxiety .Then my daughter ,partner,and baby was made homeless so they live with us and has took over my garden with little ones toys . I would love a space for them and a tranquil space for me to chill out when things start to get to much as I'm the one who keeps every thing together.

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