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Magical Garden Makeover

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Maris Stableford


my husband, two teenage daughters and I like to relax in our small garden. The difficulty for me is that it now needs to be wheelchair friendly with maybe gentle slopes and paths. I feel immense guilt as they do everything around the house and garden. But to be honest, naturally the garden comes second. They all work so hard, mostly to help me. My husband has just retired from the police, after 30yrs service. He is now my carer.
This is not the retirement I would have chosen for him.
This is not a sob story as they are my world and I know that we will always be a happy family regardless of a nice, more suitable garden.
We are optimistic but are often forced to be realistic too, particularly where my disability is concerned.
The realistic part is the bit which I privately struggle with the most. But “Sshhhhh, don’t tell anybody”.

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  • Becky Leanne 6 months ago

    Good Luck 🤞🏼


  • Caterina Dixon 7 months ago

    Good luck with it! I hope you get a garden that will help you and your family more comfortable. If not, then cherish those lovely people you are lucky enough to call family! Xx


  • - 7 months ago