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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Natalia Ghirasim


Me and my husband decided to move to UK a few years ago and since the last three years we live in beautiful Peterborough. We bought our first house together and we are very please to have a sunny garden. We are very optimistic and positive people and we try to creat a similar home environment. Garden is a special place for us and give a good relaxing feeling after a long day at work, the best place for weekend entertainment with family and friends and also the best way to combine physical activity during gardening and art. The thing is that we would like our garden to be more vibrant and ‘alive’. We tried to plant some flowers and ornamental plants which we bought from the local garden centres but neither me nor my husband are garden experts. I admit that we watched a lot of the ‘garden rescue’ shows and got very good tips from there but things are moving too slow due to both work commitments. My family will visit us this summer and also his sisters are coming to UK for the first time to visit us in the new home. I want to give a good impression as this will be my first time to meet them face to face. I am very excited about your offer to help me with a facelift to our garden and happy to be part of the makeover team. I thank you for your idea and whoever will win we wishe them good luck!
Best wishes
Natalia and Raza

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  • Shahzad Aslam 6 months ago

    Best of luck to you guys


  • Dani 6 months ago



  • Leila costa 6 months ago

    Good luckp 😉😘