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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Kimbra Barrett


I open my garden for Scotlands Gardens Charity,and i cant afford to finish landcapping it.
illness finished my career as a gardener.,and i can no longer do heavy work!
I have so far raised £:1800 for charity in 2 years.
I have lots of people come to my garden ,so your work would be seen by all my visitors,and could be free advertsing for you!
Im happy to display a notice for you.
Scotland on Sunday have already done one article on my garden ,and might possible do a followup if i finish my landscaping,which is in limbo at present.
I would love to finish off my garden,as its nearly completed with only one area that looks bad.
I would like find a solution to my lawn area that keeps dieing off in shade.Its a heavy job to gravel or pave it.
I also have another area at the end of my long Chinese red pergola that need levelling,paving and a structure and screening to compleate my Chinese garden.I have lots of idea,and would love to work with you team
As a person with a rare disability,it would help raise awareness of my condition if i won your competition,and make me very happy!

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  • Emma concannon 6 months ago

    Good luck Kimbra, your garden is such a lovely place to be in. You have put so much time and effort in to your garden not only for you to enjoy, but for people to and helping to raise money for charities along the way.


  • linda chapman 6 months ago

    best wishes


  • Ruth Curran 6 months ago

    Good luck Kim,the areas of your garden that you have managed to complete look amazing. it would be brilliant if you could win and help so many other people by raising more charity donations.