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Denise White


We moved in a year ago today (28/4) to find the tenant of the house we bought had lived worse than we knew. She had let her 3 labradors use the third bedroom as a toilet, had deliberately blocked the kitchen and bathroom waste to overflow, stolen the shower from the taps and the shower screen and we expected it to be dirty in the house from when we viewed it but when we moved in it took 4 days to clean the house and that was done with an army of 5 who cleaned 8hrs plus a day!! Our 2 year old was unable to sleep in his bedroom as we had to remove the floorboards as they were drenched in dog urine. The garden was a complete mess and whilst we have tried our best we have run out of money with more and more suprises the house gave us that we didn't expect. The dogs they had dig up the grass area so as you can see it's a state and it was a concrete jungle with uneven levels. Whilst we have managed to do the decking we would love to have a flat, even safe space for our little one to play that was fun, interesting and full of colour and wildlife.

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  • Mark Bargery 8 months ago

    Denise definitely needs the help buying a house then finding this. Hope you get it sorted


  • Pops 8 months ago

    A most deserving family


  • Martina Atkins 8 months ago

    A very wonderful deserving family


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