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Gail Meek


We have lived in the country for 19 years now - originally from South Africa... the first 15 years were spent in a little 2-up-2-down in Smethwick, with a paved yard out the back. When we found this corner property for sale, and it came with a larger garden, we jumped at the opportunity; however, every time we came to view the property, the previous owners always booked our viewings for the night time when it was dark and we were never able to actually get out and see the garden or walk in it.

When we finally got to move into the property in 2014, we were in for a huge disappointment. The garden is apparently below the water table AND full of clay soil. When it rains, it is so soggy and the clay sticks to everything... we have tried our best to lay a couple of tons of topsoil, dug a drainage system, and planted grass everywhere, but nothing we do seems to help the situation. I have settled for only being able to use the garden in the summer and only when it's dry; for the rest of the time, I am unable to do a thing out there. It's disappointing, as gardening is one of the things I love so much, and one of my joys, is being able to entertain friends outside when the weather is warmer.

In spite of the issues, I've tried to create as pretty a garden as possible to spend my time in, and I thoroughly enjoy being out there when it's dry. Most of the plants are in pots against the wall, so I don't have to deal with the clay soil, but I'd really appreciate some redesign and help to create something beautiful out there.

I'd love to be able to walk out into the garden any time of the year and enjoy it regardless of whether or not it is wet, snowy or sunny.

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  • Elaine Steele 8 months ago

    I understand your needing a garden for peace & pleasure! Xx


  • Millie 8 months ago



  • Mel Wheeler 8 months ago

    Gail's garden needs a face-lift, and together we all lift up Gail so that you will see and consider her garden please.


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