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Barbara Wilson


I’m disabled and so is most of my family who live at our house we have some things the same but others things we have are different I use a wheelchair as well mu Mum uses a walking frame our garden is to big for us to do anything with we have no areas to even sit with my wheelchair the council put some small slabs at the door the cheap ones and they’ve broken after the cold from winter we have a big garden it could be so nice to sit in for me and Mum we both have osteoporosis as one of our conditions and been told by consultant I need more sun ☀️, I’ve spent years outside when I was younger so love being outdoors but now it’s boring as the cats next door killed all our plants they moved now , we wanted t o make a sensory garden to sit in and use as I’m registered blind as well as lots of disabilities my mum has a heart problem and kidney and is looking at a operation in the near future so sitting outside with her feet up would be so good for her she has to keep her feet up as much as possible to clear fluid from her heart as the tablets she was given for it damaged her kidneys , I’ve had cancer twice now but have a positive outlook but just wish I could do something with our garden but it’s to much for me I would love a raised flower bed so I could look at the flowers and look after them and something comfy to sit or lie in with the things that tie up and flap in the air so it’s sensory abit like big kites a water feature or something similar for the noise and touch of it would be amazing but we can’t even do that as have no one to sort electric out for it , at the moment it just doesn’t feel safe in there and we’ve had problems health and with young adults when we go into our garden so a proper fence that can’t be looked at throw would be great if they can’t see me they leave me alone don’t throw things at me because I can’t see them doing it they think it’s funny but they have been warned by the police now to stop doing it to me as last year we couldn’t open our door for me to sit there doesn’t help there’s lots of big gaps in the fence so they look straight in most people are ok though , Just would like it private just for us , we had big plans for it when we moved in here but in the last few years everyone’s health has gone donehill more so mine and my mums and I feel so awful not being outside anymore we pay a man to cut or grass he uses our things it’s not great but not as bad as last year I really would love some bight flowers to look at even when I’m really sick I still like to , no body can help us with our garden because there no children in the house permanently, our garden is the size of a mini football pitch or maybe bigger thank you for reading hope you can help in any way

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  • Curtis 8 months ago

    Fingers crossed for you!


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