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Carlie (Roding primary school) Jones


My school garden needs a makeover because we have a lot of children who don't have gardens at home as they live in flats. We have children with sensory issues, behavioural struggles, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities who would really benefit from the sensory aspect of a garden to calm them and help them learn in ways that they can't in a classroom. We have a really hard working team of staff members who have spent their own free time trying to create a nature garden and they have made a great start, but a team of professionals with tools and plants could turn our nature area into a really special place for all of the children who attend our school. Please consider Roding primary school as your winner!!!

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  • Alex 8 months ago

    Good luck!


  • Hollie 8 months ago



  • Abbie 8 months ago

    Woooo!!! Good luck!


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