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Lesley Thorburn

King's Lynn 

We would love a garden makeover because we are disabled and so far this year we have had to travel 160 miles away to my parents-in-law every 2-3 weeks and staying for a week every time in a grotty hotel room.

Our garden did look beautiful. It took us 10 years to achieve. We planted it for the bees, butterflies and other wildlife. It is also planted for a huge variety of birds with 7 different types of feed to cater for every garden bird possible. Our bird population was so good that we had kestrels, sparrowhawks, kites & buzzards nesting around as well.

My Mother-in-Law is nearly blind and completely deaf. Her Husband who is 90 years old is crippled now and has carers and both have dementia. We are trying to get them moved nearer to us so we can carry on caring for them without the long journey and thus neglecting our home & garden. Their daughter died of cancer in 2004 so all they have left now is their Son and me.

I am 60 with 3 hip replacements and emphysema. My Husband is 54; he also has emphysema and lost part of a lung 3 years ago. He has 2 vertebrae missing, a heart condition and arthritis in his neck. Caring for Mum and Dad is very hard and taking its toll on us. If we got our garden back we could relax in it again when we come home.

Our only vice and our greatest joy is sitting in our garden surrounded by birds who bring their young ones into our garden to feed whilst we sit there. There is no greater joy for us.

But sadly our shrubs need pruning, the borders and beds need weeding, some plants need replacing after the harsh winter and the fence needs repairing from the overnight storm earlier this year and the shed roof has now collapsed.

Our beautiful haven where we unwind and free ourselves from the stress we are under, is in need of some much needed TLC which would in turn give us some much needed TLC.

Please give us your vote so we can have our tranquillity and our birds back. Thank you

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