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Stephanie Bartley


My garden needs a makeover because it slopes down very steeply at the bottom because of a railway line behind the fence. 6 years ago my ex-husband started work to level it all out - digging deep trenches, putting in concrete posts etc, but never ever finished the job. Leaving me with 2 young boys and a garden that was not safe or suitable to be able to go out in or play in. I have never been able to afford myself to get it fixed/finished and every year the boys beg me to try and sort it out so they can go outside. Winning this would be a dream come true for us - even to just be able to sit outside when the weather is nice would be lovely.

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  • Nick oconnell 8 months ago



  • Natalie & Mike 8 months ago

    Very deserved - boys will appreciate a lovely garden


  • Leanne Baxter 8 months ago

    This garden needs doing for my lovely friend and 2 gorgeous boys xxxx


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