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Nana Ampaw


I moved into my property transformed from direlict jungle into a lovely home. I have been trying to keep the garden tidy because I used all the money I had to decorate the building itself. Inspire of trying hard to save money it's been next to impossible. Now we are coming out of the dark days and it would be great to have a garden which I can enjoy the great outdoors this summer seems to be promising. I am hoping that with your help I would be one of the lucky ones to be chosen for a well deserved makeover.

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  • Kozi 7 months ago

    Good Luck


  • Bridget Boateng 7 months ago

    Always having everybody at heart. I think Nana is the most deserve for the remodel.


  • Harriet owusu 7 months ago

    She work so hard helping others at hospital and other people that she has no time doing her garden even with her bad knee she still drag herself to go to work it will great if she has her garden done then maybe she will enjoying resting there


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