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Catherine Sweeney


i would like to nominate my Son Adam to have his garden made over because he has been an angel. In the last three years I have had two hip replacements and two hand operations plus numerous tests for my Heart, breathing and various other ailments. I have a collapsed windpipe and I am in constant pain. Whilst this has been all happening my son has been working full time sometimes 7 Days a week to keep the NHS computers up and running and looking after me whilst I have been staying with him. When I have at times come home to Suffolk he has been driving straight from work on a Friday night to see and help me at the weekends. He has had no time to do his garden because of this, he has tried to do what little he can and I feel so guilty because of this and would love to win the prize of a Garden make over. I know he would be so surprised and happy if it was to happen. My husband has tried to do what he can to help but he is 71 and has bad legs so it is difficult for him too. I hope you will consider my entry as I think my Son is one in a million for what he does and deserves some help to sort his garden. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Catherine Sweeney.

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