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Teresa smith


Our family life changed forever back in 2003,when my husband who was a builder,carpenter and joiner was stuck down with a flu type illness,which over the years we have seen so many Drs and consultants to try and find an answer to an illness that has robbed him of his life,he was eventually diagnosed with myalgic encephalitis,the condition affects every aspect of your health.
He has gone from being someone who used to beable to work a 12 hour day,to a person who now can no longer even walk a short distance,he spends most of his day either sleeping or looking out of the window at our garden,knowing what he would love to do with it, but is incapable of.
It breaks my heart,knowing that this was someone who could turn his hand to anything,and it is made all the worst that he loved his job,and he grieves for the life he has lost.
Just over 7 years ago,my eldest son was also diagnosed with the illness,and more recently our youngest son,who is only 19 years old.My youngest son Joseph, has not even begun his life,he was struck down by the illness,and could not complete his education.Joseph sleeps for up to 16 hours a day,when he is able to come downstairs he has little energy,and even watching television is too much for him.
My husband Martin and son Joseph love nature,and I would love a makeover for our garden,to enable them both to sit and relax in an inviting environment,my husband has always wanted a koi pond,I managed to obtain one second hand approximately 5 years ago,with the prospect of finding someone who could install it, if I could raise enough money Unfortunately this has not been possible.
I know that been outdoors is good for your mental health,and relives stress,as they both spend so much time indoors,I know that this would make an amazing change to their lives.

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