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Craig O'Neill


I need a garden make over because I have a mobility issue. Walking is always difficult for me. I have muscular atrophy that is a muscle wasting illness of the legs. I have drop foot too not being able to walk heel toe heel toe like a normal person would. My house is raised up so have to step down and step up to get in and out the property. The garden is not useable as it’s over grown, and slabs are broken and very uneven. I have very poor balance too and I’m prone to trips and falls. I am only 30 years old and was born with my illness. I am a single full time dad to my wonderful 11 year old son Preston. He helps me as much as he can which isn’t fair on him. He knows how difficult things can be but I try my hardest. Would mean the absolute world to us to have a lovely looking garden / drive.

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  • Amanda Sharpe 8 months ago

    You deserve a garden make over ..this will help you access and enjoy your garden more.. A sufferer of mobility issues I can really sympathise with you .don't give up hope ..all you need is a group of willing local landscape gardeners to help you achieve your dream. All the very best Craig .


  • Craig 8 months ago

    Good luck


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