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Sarah Scully


We moved into our home just over 4 years ago. The whole property hadn't been decorated for decades with structural issues as well as cosmetic ones... my partner has single handedly demolished and rebuilt each room, bit by bit, as and when we have been able to afford it, we just have the bathroom left to do which he has big plans for. One thing we would love to be proud of is our garden, it's an amazing space which will look stunning once it's complete. You can see my partner in the picture, he has just taken advantage of last weeks nice weather and replaced drains on the paved part of the garden as they were not working and the ground was flooding like a swamp! The ground/grass is very uneven, the surrounding walls are unstable and falling in towards our garden and it's generally unsafe for our 2 little ones to use... in 4 years they've been out a handful of times as I am always worried about their safety when they go out (as well as the safety of our 2 doggies!) My partner has worked so hard, not just on our house, but on friends and family members houses too and it would be nice to give something back to him (and give him a break from doing the work himself!)

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  • Toni Forshaw 8 months ago

    Definitely deserves to win x


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  • Mo Daly 8 months ago

    Hope you win x


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