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susie marston


Marie Curie is a name most of you will have heard. Those who have called upon their services will understand the depth of the continuing need for their help.
I’m sure everyone would agree, no matter whether it is an expected or an unexpected death, the effect of losing a loved one is devastating. Maybe for children, this effect is more poignant.
In March 2017, on the eve of my mother’s funeral, my sister Stefanie Morrison was given the diagnosis of stage 4 bowel cancer. The same cancer that had taken our mother from us only weeks prior. In May of 2017 Stefanie was admitted to the Marie Curie Hospice in Solihull, to ease the final weeks of her life. Stefanie loved walking around the beautifully kept gardens of the hospice but felt saddened by one little area - the area set aside for the fairies. There is one, albeit beautiful, fairy house and a couple of forlorn looking fairies. On enquiring she found the area had been set aside for the use in counselling grieving children. Regrettably the idea of a fairy village has never reached fruition due to the lack of funds.
Stefanie had a life long passion for helping children reach their full potential. This was shown in her chosen career, helping teenage children learn the three R’s and comprehend literature. In Stefanie’s last days she relayed the wish for the completion of the fairy village and she truly believed it would enhance the efforts of the staff counselling grieving children. Stefanie had no idea of the enormity of her wish. The photo is of the one forlorn albeit amazing fairy house
PLEASE add your vote to this entry, with every vote we will be one step closer to making a really worthwhile project come to fruition and help give pleasure to those in the last days of their life and those who are left behind. I=

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  • Leigh Hatcliffe 6 months ago

    Good luck!


  • Karen richards 6 months ago

    Lovely idea


  • Sharon 6 months ago

    What a lovely thought to think of others xx