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Cindy & Bill Cull


My son & his partner deserve a garden makeover because for two years he has been renovating a barn in the South Hams. He & his partner have been living in a caravan on site while the work is going on. Apart from a bit of help from the lovely tradesmen on MY BUILDER, he is doing all the work himself to create a wonderful home for them to live in.
The last thing on the list will be the garden area. How absolutely marvelous it would be if he had people to create for them. They just need a simple country garden around the barn. With fruit trees & wild areas with flowers for bumblebees and butterflies. He has a lovely pond with ducks & lovely free-flowing water but the margins look a bit bald. The soil is basically clay so someone who knows what will grow in that soil type is essential.
They are getting near the end of the project & near the end of their energy reserves. Worn out with the cold, wet, cramped caravan living & relentless mud. In my mind, they are so deserving of a garden makeover/creation - for two people to strive to create a wonderful home for themselves to live in. Hats off to them for sticking at it for two years - the thought of sitting in the evening sun, in their own 'heaven' in Devon is a dream that you could make come true.
Kindest wishes to you the judges, the decision is yours. All entrants will be deserving [especially my son Billy]
Cindy Cull

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  • Cindy 8 months ago

    You deserve this, good luck


  • ANNIE MANCHESTER 8 months ago

    Bill Cull is one of the best builders I know in the South West. He has great imagination and builds houses that we all want to live in.


  • Kirstin & Ollie 8 months ago

    Because we do what Cindy tells us too!


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