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Michelle Harrison


I am a single mother. I work in a school and have spent my life trying to be a good role model for my daughter by providing for her, working and ensuring we have a safe roof over our heads. I have moved recently to a 2 bedroom house. This was to cement my legacy to my daughter and provide us more room and a conducive environment to studying and relaxing as she is now older and gaining the skills to provide for herself.
I am now pregnant, excited and surprised. My relaxing environment now seems like a dream as other priorities take over. There will now be 3 people in what is a small house. Moving is not an option. We have only recently moved into this house. A garden make over would allow us as a family to have a space for relaxing. There is nothing like nature to relax and ground you. I also feel respect for nature goes hand in hand with respect for all and it is a space that I can share and nurture with my family and at the same time teach them to be nurturing. I need help because I don't know where or how to begin. I don't know if I will ever be able to afford having the garden done. It is a low priority when it's compared to baby clothes, furniture and equipment. And at the same time it is so important. I can imagine my daughter with her laptop, studying, sitting on the grass. The baby crawling around while I tend to the flowers and plants. It is a dream that I wish could come true and It would be a positive beginning for the life I want for my children.

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