Win a Grand for your Garden

Huge congratulations to Megan Rees from Oxford who entered the competition hoping to change the life of her three year old daughter Ariella.

Ariella has severe disabilities, she was given a 10% chance of survival at birth and has beaten the odds. Her parents have had to give up work to provide round the clock care for her as her needs are so complex.

Ariella currently has nowhere safe to play outside and can’t even go to the park as it is too risky for her.

We are very excited to begin the transformation and give Ariella beautiful garden to play in. Watch this space!

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Tamara Short


I' moved to my 1st ever property back in December with my then 2 day old son and nearly 1 year old daughter. My daughter was born with a very rare heart condition and has currently had 2 operations to reconstruct her heart. They told me many things she wouldn't not be able to do and many things she would struggle with. She has proved them all wrong! She's such an active and happy little girl who takes everything in her stride! My daughter now 15 month and son 18 week would benefit massively from a new child friendly garden. It's difficult for my daughter to go to piblic places, where there is a high risk of catching infection/viruses as she catches them very easily and is more often than not, hospitalised for weeks because of it. So having her own little garden where she can play and not be at to much rick would do her wonders! She has just come back from Bristol children's hospital after haven't her second open heart surgery. She has 1 more planned, I don't know what the future hold for us as a family but I want her to be able to enjoy life the the fullest and do everything she can. I've not been in my property long but have tried to get the money together to do something with it but it's not easy having 2 young babies and being in hospital a lot of the time. This would mean a great deal to us if we won! She is such a special little girl who deserves everything I can give her, also my son is such a special little boy, going through it all with us at such a young age! I want to give something back to them to say thank you for being so strong and keeping me going!!x

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