Win a Grand for your Garden

Huge congratulations to Megan Rees from Oxford who entered the competition hoping to change the life of her three year old daughter Ariella.

Ariella has severe disabilities, she was given a 10% chance of survival at birth and has beaten the odds. Her parents have had to give up work to provide round the clock care for her as her needs are so complex.

Ariella currently has nowhere safe to play outside and can’t even go to the park as it is too risky for her.

We are very excited to begin the transformation and give Ariella beautiful garden to play in. Watch this space!

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Joseph Dagostino


I would like to nominate my Mum for the competition, in December 2015, my mum had a major car accident on the M4, she was driving a customer home in her taxi as she does everyday, (she works extremely hard). They pulled on to the hard shoulder to make a call to AA and diagnose a fault with her car, when instantly a lorry ploughed into the rear of her car. She was in hospital for a few days and then was allowed home on close supervision and admitted to various other clinics and hospitals for treatment since then. She suffered major memory loss at the time, and whilst still recovering and suffering from memory loss, she lost her Mum from pneumonia in April 2016 and we was close to losing our Dad at Christmas 2016 from the same as our Nan. So the reason why I want to nominate her for this, is to show her how much we live her and care for her! And most of all just to say Thankyou for being everything a Mother can be an more. And just to give her a little bit of happiness again. My Mum has always worked really hard and supported the whole family through everything imaginable. Since losing Nan in April and the accident, our Mum hasn't been the same, she's very down and depressed now and that isn't our Mum at all, she has always been the strong head of the family, so it's hard for us as a family to now feel like we've lost our Mum in some ways.

So I think she deserves to win and to bring a little happiness back, so she can enjoy her garden again, because she has lost interest in most things and she use to really enjoy gardening and being outside. But it reminds her of our Nan so I would like to make it special for her again.

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