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Win a Grand for your Garden 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Nicola Higgins


As the mother of a 10 year old boy with Autism trying to fix a house on my own I'm at the end of my abilities and financiers to fix up the back garden into a safe place for him to play .
Something that he desperately wants as he has no friends in the area are there is no safe areas for him to explore outdoors that he very much loves .
The garden is currently overgrown and in need of hardscaping and is currently unsafe due to someone prior trying to make a small retaining wall from old paving slabs and rusty metal spikes . And a dangerous soil slope as access that has no steps .
I have tried local authorities and social work . Both said it is outwith their budgets to fix up .
My son would benefit greatly developmentally and socially from having a place he can play outdoors like a normal child can . And would also provid him with an calm area .. Something he currently can't have . It would also allow him the possibility to make friends as he could invite them to play in his garden if he only had one .that was autism friendly and safe .
As a single parent with no real support base or family around it would mean the world to me to be le to provid my son with a place we could enjoy as a family . Winning could literally change my sons world .

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