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Brett dyson


Me and my wife have been trying for a baby for 8 years. We got told after a operation that my wife's tubes were blocked and that we had less than 10% chance of conceiving naturally.
We got offered 2 chances of IVF.
First round of IVF failed so was only left with one chance left. We decided to leave it for a while to give my wife the chance to give her body a rest.
3 months after failed IVF and coming to terms that we were never going to become parents a miricle happens and my wife and I conceived naturally.
When my wife was near her due date she had a prolapse birth we was told that it was very unlikely that our baby would survive!!!
After being rushed to hospital for a emergency C section our child was born 4lb.10 and had to be resuscitated. Our baby was in a incabater for two weeks.
Now our baby is home weighing 6lb.13.
As everyone calls our baby boy (bobby-james) a miricle baby I wanted to plant a apple tree in our back yard to represent how blessed we all are and to be able to sit in our yard when hes older and explain to our son the reason behind the apple tree.
Thanks for taking time to read my story and please vote.

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