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khurm chaudry


I am writing this for my father whose garden is in desperate need of some TLC. My father is not one to ask for help and too proud a man, so I write this message on his behalf.

My father is an old age pensioner who sadly dislocated his shoulder. He used to be a keen garden soldier that previously spent all his time maintaining the garden. It used to keep him busy, it was his space, his whole.

Unfortunately, whilst he has been recovering from his dislocating his shoulder the garden has deteriorated to a state he cannot manage it. The grass has over grown to knee high, trees need pruning, the path has weeds coming through, the vegetables have died, the tiles have mould on them, there is a lot of rubbish and broken glass from when we had the winds.

The garden used to be an amazing outdoor space, where my father used to spend many a day’s, watering the plants, picking fruit and vegetables and the family having barbecues. The garden still has many fruit trees but the outdoor space is a complete mess now.

It is really very heart breaking, to see my old father trying and strangling. He has so much to do on this own. To bring the garden back to its old state. Where he can manage and enjoy the garden once again.

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