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Jeannette Griffin


Thank you for taking time and reading my story- I have 3 children aged 12,7 and 4 my younger two play outside a lot but my eldest son is severely disabled, Kieran has cerebral palsy, has a nasal tube to ensure he can breathe independently he also has complex physical needs which means he can't join in much, including in the garden as he doesn't have facilities for hm and his wheelchair. Kieran is wheelchair bound, can't walk or talk and I would love for him to be able to join in with his brother and sister even if it's just lying on the grass. Kieran loves watching his brother and sister play outside, it would make a massive difference, if there were a space for Kieran to enjoy, I would love to win this competition as it would make a huge difference to everyday family life and to Kieran's life- he would be able to use sensory equipment, play area and spend quality time with his siblings and make lasting memories with them, All I wish for is happiness with all three of my children, I love to see them smiling and having such fun togethe. Kieran 13 in may and his life expectancy is 19. Please make this possible for him to spend time in the garden. Throughout Kieran's life he has had to find the strength to overcome many obstacles that have been put in front of him and his family. Kieran has endured numerous operations to help him achieve his full potential in life, ensuring him the ability of the best quality of life possible for both him and his family. Kieran has had surgeries for repair scoliosis of his spine, removal of his left hip bone required 2 surgeries, he also had his left knee ligaments cut and mastoidectomy. Unfortunately Kieran has had numerous hospital admissions for pseudomonas, these being long hospitals stays separating our family and putting increasing pressure on my family. I would greatly appreciate any and all votes to help me build and complete my home and create all my memories with my children to last me a life time. Thank you again.

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