Win a Grand for your Garden

Huge congratulations to Megan Rees from Oxford who entered the competition hoping to change the life of her three year old daughter Ariella.

Ariella has severe disabilities, she was given a 10% chance of survival at birth and has beaten the odds. Her parents have had to give up work to provide round the clock care for her as her needs are so complex.

Ariella currently has nowhere safe to play outside and can’t even go to the park as it is too risky for her.

We are very excited to begin the transformation and give Ariella beautiful garden to play in. Watch this space!

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Shana beg


The garden space is for my mum and dad, who are also grandparents. My mum loves gardening, but with a recent diagnosis of Parkinson's she can't really grow as much as she was able to, so the soil patch is a bit much for her. Also we have a broken fence which the neighbour hasn't fixed for over 18 years as they have tenants going in and out. It would be great to see my mum relaxed and happy in a nice and tidy garden space. At the moment it is very unkempt. Would also be great to see her grandchildren making the most of it!

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