Win a Grand for your Garden

Huge congratulations to Megan Rees from Oxford who entered the competition hoping to change the life of her three year old daughter Ariella.

Ariella has severe disabilities, she was given a 10% chance of survival at birth and has beaten the odds. Her parents have had to give up work to provide round the clock care for her as her needs are so complex.

Ariella currently has nowhere safe to play outside and can’t even go to the park as it is too risky for her.

We are very excited to begin the transformation and give Ariella beautiful garden to play in. Watch this space!

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christine Mckinlay


As I live in a small terraced house my garden is the size of a postage stamp. My husband is not a gardener so it's down to me. I would love to see a beautiful garden as I have four grandsons of primary school age who have nowhere to go when they come over. When I come home from work I would just like to sit in the garden on a sunny day and relax. Unfortunately I have mud and everyone seems to think my garden is a rubbish tip and have a garden full of scrapped furniture and household rubbish that needs removing.
I have never had a BBQ in my garden as my husband says that it's too small. I would like to show him that he's wrong and that family gatherings can be celebrated in our garden. I have a big family and everyone comes around to me for meals and celebrations. As I have a small house extending the space to ththe garden would be such an advantage. I have no guidance on how the space could be utilised and which shrubs work best in a small space. I have made a few mistakes in the last few years and put the wrong shrubs in and they have taken over the garden, like a palm tree. And a conifer! I had no garden just shrubs! We had some gravel down and recently took it away as it was more mud than gravel. It is now just mud. I thought I would see if I could have artificial grass, but not one company would entertain me as they said my garden was too small. As we are not competent diyers' I couldn't do the job ourselves. I would love a part of the garden or in a large planter, lots of herbs for cooking and for my grandchildren to learn how to plant and look after plants and flowers. They don't have a garden of their own either so I would love them to share the fun of growing and eating their own food. I would love to be able to cut flowers and greenery for the flowers at my church. I love flower arranging at church and have to buy them along with another friend from church. She brings in lots of greenery from her garden and I would love to be able to do the same.
Gardens like kitchens are the hub of a family, but with money being tight at the moment, my garden has had to take a back step so having the opportunity to totally transform my garden would be a dream come true.
Gardens are for sharing memories, I would love to be able to restart memories now especially with my grandsons. My family mean the world and creating a dull uninvited place into a haven with my grandsons getting stuck in would be them getting off their iPads and games console into the fresh air and getting dirty! That's got to be a plus and making them gardeners!

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