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Michelle Thompson

Weston Super Mare 

I would like to nominate my (step) mum sue and my dad dave for a garden make over.  They have moved house 2 weeks ago and have very little money to put into their garden as it's all going into the new home
My parents have been together 25 years. They moved out of our home town 18 years ago for a fresh start but as soon as they moved they were both faced with I'll health.  My mother has suffered breast cancer and my father almost died through heart failure. He had cardiomyopathy (an enlarged heart) and needed and operation.  I was 16 at the time and helpless. He went from 13 stone to 7 and was literally dying before our eyes. The call came in for a heart transplant in Harefield hospital in London but once in the operating theatre after opening him up the realised the heart was not a match and so had to go through a painful process again. I still have a letter from him where his writing was so bad where he was so weak and dying saying how he felt like a human dartboard it was heart breaking. He was finally given a successful heart transplant in January 2000 and the family were made aware that on average on 80% survive the first year, less than 70% for 5 years and around 50% get to 10 years so we all knew how precious this extra time was that he had been given. Every day he is on a cocktail of medication. Some are anti rejection tablets to stop his body effectively killing off the heart which is seen as a foreign object and with the prolonged use of various medication he was then faced with losing a lung and his vital organs slowly start to deteriorate through the long use of medication.My father is one if a few to have survived so far 17 years. They have recently moved back to his home town he grew up in and he is often reminding us he won't be round forever and every day Is precious. My father has worked all this life prior to his illness and he has always loved gardening. He always keeps his gardens up together as his hobby and I know he would be completely over joyed if he won this competition so he can enjoy his garden that needs much work as he only moved 2 weeks ago and with paying for decorators ect they have very little time and money to put into his garden that he misses very much. If he won this competition it will be life changing for him. It will give him the freedom to enjoy relaxing in a lovely garden that he can escape to. Please strongly consider my father who has worked all his life and never asked anyone for anything every in his life. He is a very proud man and to have this help would be utterly life changing

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