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Andrea Rowbotham


New to being divorced, a single mum and new to having my own home I feel blessed that we have come as far as we have ...We love our home and having a good sized garden is amazing but super scary at the same time. It's Plain rectangular and very boggy but it's ours and It's got so much potential. I've spent most of my time and energies making the house nice for my boys, we needed a home, a bright cheery home. Unfortunately I have absolutely nothing to throw at my garden! We have this amazing space but lack tools, materials, know how and funds. Ive always dreamed that my garden would to be an extension of the house, an extra living space for us to expand into, it's what all the gardening programmes say, but we all know that's a great idea but is very hard to achieve. It would be a space to eat, to sit and reflect and for my boys to have their friends over for BBQs. I've managed to make use of a tiny space at the bottom. It's where the last bit if sun hits and basically the only paved section that isn't squishy and wet! It's my little haven approx 2 meters square. I added a couple of bags of gravel and have one lavender bush. It's not much but it's a tranquil space and I made it!...I bought this huge trampoline for my eldest son to get him outside in the flesh air. I didn't really understand how huge it was, but it does fit! Hes had a rough time since the split. His passion was tricking and so the trampoline has helped him to get back to his old self and enjoy life again. My absolute dream is for my whole garden to be a tranquil space, a quiet oasis where we can sit and know this is ours! :) It's been a very tough few years for all three of us for many reasons, but we are getting there and I'm so proud of what we have achieved....To get the dream garden from My Builder for my family would be the most amazing gift and would give us the opportunity to spend free quality time together and would enhance our lives hugely. At the moment with this space as it is we can't really use the garden which is a shame. We are looking forward to the Summer and a new start, even if we don't win a makeover we are still very happy that we have this fresh start and are looking forward to the future 😃

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