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Jason Glen


Hello My Builder,

My son Kyle plays for the Falkirk 09's age group and his passion is football.
This passion of our national game, causes amazing stress on natures beloved grass.

Our grass is lower than our patio, and
Physics and Nature thus decides to put its Gravity and water powers to devastating effects on the wee mans hallowed turf.

This basically means that Kyle(our aspiring future footballer) has to be told many times...

"You cannae play oan the gress, its soaking bud"

This means that he has to kick his ball about in front of our house on the road and small front lawn.

As a caring dad, who has had his arm twisted into buying a flipping kitchen to keep the wife happy, puts a hell of a lot of sadness and stress on worrying about our son kicking a ball.

Already we can't go on holiday this year (due to the flipping Kitchen forthcoming).
Already we face a summer off looking at our back garden looking like the football pitches off the 70's, or let the wee man and his sister destroy our front wee lawn, annoy neighbours, dodge passing cars, and accept we look out our front windows all summer(worrying).

I imagine you'll get many replys to this thread, some bordering on begging letters, some from pure chancers, some will deserve to win of course.

I'm not a beggar or a chancer but I believe in " You don't get if you don't ask".

Hope this letter brightens up your day, as that is what life's all about.

Hope we win as we've never won Hee Haw in our Nelly Puffs.

If we don't I would love a funny reply.

PS: My son is football daft and all we would love is the grass to be replaced with Astro turf....

Our garden stadium pic will be included below.

It's an Action shot off what our "At Home-With a braw Kitchen, but shit football park view is like".

Use your imagination 😉

All the best,

Jason Glen

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