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Sharon Leane


My name is Sharon and I'm a 47yr old mum. I say mum but my son and his dad thought it was acceptable to beat me up and take fun of me because I have Epilepsy Lupus and Fibromyalgia after sustaining a serious head injury . As a keep myself to myself kind of person I was even distant in communication terms with the neighbours.. so with no close family,I found myself alone. After my son smashing up the house I was given weeks to put it right with no help and money or I'd be evicted. I had to kick my own son out which broke down our relationship and his dad got him all to himself.
So I spent the £250 budgeting loan i applied for on wood and paint and set about saving my home. Then with a wait to sort out benefits i fell behind with rent and the garden went from bad to worse. I contacted charities and there is alot of help for over 55s but I was just over 42. So I ploughed on alone. I saved to buy a multi tool stimmer but I couldn't start it. I advertised for help but the young man who helped took it and that's the last I saw of them. Police did nothing.
So I suffered with a small garden of six ft something stinging nettles. I made a friend of whoms husband had just come back from Afghan what with him being in the army. He very kindly put all his chores aside and cleared the garden so i could get a pet dog as company as I was very lonely.
I couldn't keep the garden up and it soon became overgrown again. I love gardening but need a garden I can cope with but what's more the right tools for the job. I started to scrimp and save once again but suffered a worsening of my condition with major seizures and a brain infection. Id shown aggretion toward the paramedics during my unconscious state it was ironic that when I'd finally recovered and started to socialise, the man I met who became my special paramedic. He looks after his daughters at what was the family home, then myself but also his mother and she has a large unruly garden. He works so hard in helping others that I'd like to put forward my garden so that he can get on with his mothers garden of whom he lives with in South Wiltshire. He keeps promising to do it for her but hes so busy helping others, I just want him to not have to worry for once and by getting mine sorted it's one less thing for him to do.

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