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Win a Grand for your Garden 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Nicola Skriabin


When we moved into our house we concentrated on making a nice area in the garden for the kids on the old lawn but we didn't do anything for ourselves with the old patio area to have a nice adult part where we can sit and relax as the kids play. My husband is registered blind and the entire purpose of making such a "park" area in our own back garden was so that when the children want to go to the park and play he can always take them because he is not allowed to go out the house on his own with the children because of obvious road dangers and the safety of our children being paramount so by having a "park" in the garden it means they can always go to the park no matter what. But alas amongst all our efforts to make a section of the garden perfect for the kids and their needs along with my husbands disability we have not been able to fund or have the chance to do anything with the rest of the garden for us the adults/parents of our wonderful children. It would be a dream come true if we could have the opportunity to complete the garden and make an area that we can enjoy for ourselves :D

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