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Win a Grand for your Garden 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Sarah Brandom


I nominate my husband Wayne. Wayne is a former soldier, he's seen active duty in war zones including Iraq, Afghan and Sierra Leone to name a few. We've spent the vast majority of our 16 year relationship apart. I've raised the family whilst holding down jobs with minimal support due to living in military camps in obscure areas including three years overseas. Sadly Wayne was hit by the defence cutbacks and list his place in the forces five years short of full service. We've bought a house to build our civilian life in but now working minimum wage jobs we have little money to upgrade the aging property. One of the most desperate areas is our garden. This seems to have not had any work done since the 80s and is falling into disrepair. Our financial situation means currently there is little we can do about it. Our three children are unable to play outside as it's dangerous, Wayne is a chef and has a lovely BBQ but cannot make use of it.
To have a garden makeover would improve the quality of our family life immensely. The children could play and the adults could enjoy quality time in the rare moments we spend together. Working opposite ends of the day to reduce childcare costs means we don't make the most of our lives, a garden makeover would improve the quality of the time we do get together and give Wayne a sanctuary to reflect and recover from the physiological effects of active service. Thank you.

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