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Victoria Sullivan


In 2014 my long standing partner and i decided to go and look at a little cottage. The cottage is little but the surrounding garden is massive and built in part of a quarry which more resembles a large hole. The garden was totally overgrown and very unloved when we moved in and over the years I have taken solace in the garden which has become my place of tranquility and thinking. My partner and I have been what we thought would be a quick tidy up and move in in 3 months, became a full renovation and having to do the work ourselves in between work and weekends sadly the garden has become loved but not in the way we would like it as all our time has been taken to try and move in. Eventually in November 2016 the inside of the property was manageable to move into and has become a total labour of love. My partner had a heart attack 5 years ago and so the garden is my project to make it into a place of rest and relaxation for all the hard work he has put into making us a beautiful home. As we have maintained the property and done all the labour and build ourselves, there is not much money at the end of the day to maintain the garden too. Sadly a very large sycamore tree which was in the back of the garden had to be removed as it was diseased and we had to take a massive leap and use what savings we had to have it removed before storm doris hit. The tree landed on our old workshop which has now been destroyed and leaving us with more work to do. Seems to never stop. We have a grandaughter who is 5 and loves to garden with me but it has become increasingly unstable to let her roam free and enjoy. Even to remove the old workshed and plant some shrubs and have a seating area would be a godsend this year as we are both so tired. I hope you can think of us covered in house dust and find us a nice space to relax and unwind in the fresh air to plan the continuing chapters in our labour of love. More so for my partner, we have just celebrated 20 years of being together and he is my most favourite person in the world and has worked so hard for us since we first met, it would be nice to have this prize just to take some well earned pressure off him. It may even be our place where we can finally get married as we are always to busy to take the time for ourselves. All as we want is to have our family and close friends round for a gathering which we have never been able to provide. It would be a huge treat for my 94 year old Grandad to sit and look over the Mersey. It would also mean we can finally get a dog which we have longed for such a long time. Thanks for listening, we hope you can make our dream come true, we would be forever grateful and thankful for a nice place to rest in the sunshine. x

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