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Margaret Thomsett


I moved to my bungalow 3 years ago. My present kitchen is very badly designed and because of this I find it almost impossible to manage to cook well in it. I feel sure that in a well designed kitchen with everything thoughtfully laid out I would be able to cook better and enjoy cooking like I used to.
I am 86 years old and not as agile as I used to be. One of the most frustrating things about the kitchen design is that it is impossible to reach the top shelves of the cupboards and I have even taken to storing food in the top oven as it is easier to reach.
I consider myself a fairly good cook and enjoy cooking especially when my family visit but the design and quality of the kitchen takes the pleasure out of cooking for me.
The truth is I HATE my kitchen. Please help!
Margaret Thomsett

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Britain's worst kitchen 2014 - COMPETITION CLOSED

This competition is NOW CLOSED.

It’s official – Jeanette Angel from Colchester has won a £3,000 kitchen makeover with a MyBuilder Kitchen Fitter. Jeanette beat over a hundred other entries to be voted to have Britain’s Worst Kitchen. In all, over 13,000 people voted on the competition and Jeanette was chosen from a shortlist of 12. Thank you to all who entered and look out for the winner's story coming soon.