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Britain's worst kitchen 2014 - COMPETITION CLOSED

This competition is NOW CLOSED.

It’s official – Jeanette Angel from Colchester has won a £3,000 kitchen makeover with a MyBuilder Kitchen Fitter. Jeanette beat over a hundred other entries to be voted to have Britain’s Worst Kitchen. In all, over 13,000 people voted on the competition and Jeanette was chosen from a shortlist of 12. Thank you to all who entered and look out for the winner's story coming soon.

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Lyndsey Mortimer


Having lived in our house for three and a half years, we were well on our way towards saving for a new kitchen ... We had £1500 in the pot which had taken all that time to save; not easy with a young son, another on the way and a newly built tesco express which seems to eat up most of our expendable income! However, on 2nd January 2014 our beloved cat Tinkerbell was run over outside our house. Fortunately we were insured up to the value of £3000 but with MRI scans costing £2000 it wasn't long before we had exceeded this limit. Without question I didn't hesitate to instruct the vet to do whatever was needed to save our poor feline. It is safe to say that my husband wasn't quite as adamant and did stop to consider if a visit to the sausage meat factory was more appropriate, but ultimately we agreed that we needed to foot the bill and that we couldn't put a price on Tinkerbell. £2000 later (In addition to £3000 covered by insurance) Tinkerbells on the mend and we are again saving for our perfect kitchen. Every time we look at her I see shiny cupboards and a fancy island.. But then she purrs and I forgive her for being a little bit daft; she is beautiful but there's not much going on upstairs! She also has a funny waddle but we think this gives her character!

As for our kitchen currently; the oven is 31 years old. As proud as the previous home owners were of this, it has most definitely seen better days. The beige is a little depressing to say the least and I melted the sink having over boiled some potatoes (it was some time before I realised the burning was coming from my cooking and not outside but I promise I'll be more careful with a new one :)) I have to confess I have terrible kitchen envy, probably because buying a new one feels totally unobtainable! As you can hopefully see from the photo, the kitchen is older than me (and I am 32)... A new kitchen would make me the happiest cat owner in the world!!! And could save Tinkerbell from being reminded every day that it is because of her and her lack of road sense that we will be surrounded by beige for years to come !!

Yours Truly,

Kitchen Desperado

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