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Britain's worst kitchen 2014 - COMPETITION CLOSED

This competition is NOW CLOSED.

It’s official – Jeanette Angel from Colchester has won a £3,000 kitchen makeover with a MyBuilder Kitchen Fitter. Jeanette beat over a hundred other entries to be voted to have Britain’s Worst Kitchen. In all, over 13,000 people voted on the competition and Jeanette was chosen from a shortlist of 12. Thank you to all who entered and look out for the winner's story coming soon.

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Paul Currie


A little under three years ago I suffered a period of illness at work and was classified as disabled. Not long afterwards I was dismissed by my employer on grounds of incapacity due to ill health. At the time I was living with my partner in her home...we had a one year old baby and I was in the process of renovating my old home with a view to renting it out - I was in a negative equity situation and literally could not afford to sell. The sudden drop in our income due to my dismissal meant that the renovations to my property were put on hold. A few months later, however, our relationship broke down and I was forced to move back to my old house with my daughter...who was then two. Because of my disability I am now forced to live off state benefits and am suffering extreme financial hardship - I have no available income to complete the renovations to our home. For nearly two years we have had to live without a kitchen. I wash our clothes in the bath because we have no washing machine and I cannot afford to use a launderette. I wash our dishes in a bowl in the living room. We have no fridge or freezer and so have to keep milk and butter on the window ledge in the garden to keep it cold - of course, this only works in the the summer we have to do without margarine and use powdered milk. Until recently, when a friend kindly loaned me a two-ring electric hob, we did all of our cooking on a camping stove. We don't have a central heating system either - instead we have to use plug-in electric heaters which are exceedingly expensive to run and have resulted in a huge arrears on our electricity account. The only running water we have available is in the bathroom. The kitchen also has no interior door and so there is a constant draft into the living room. As a single parent with a daughter who has just turned 4, I do my best to look after and provide for her....however, purchasing and installing a new kitchen is completely out of my reach. I am entering this competition for her....I want to try and give her a decent healthy diet..but this proves to be very difficult without a fridge, freezer, cooker or any worksurfaces to store, cook and prepare her meals. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the opportunity that this competition really would change our lives..or more importantly - my daughters, life. I am not one to beg or complain...I have done my best with what I have for the past few years but I am really in a depressing and hopeless situation. If I was on my own I would be tempted not to apply but to give my little girl a better life I really feel I owe it to her. If there is anyone else out there with a more deserving reason to win this competition then I feel sorry for you and gladly bow out in favour of your cause. We have had nothing but bad luck for the past few years. Winning this competition would be a dream come true. It really would literally change our lives and would help me to care for my little girl the way she deserves. If you can find it in your heart to vote for me I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for reading my entry. xx

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