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Britain's worst kitchen 2014 - COMPETITION CLOSED

This competition is NOW CLOSED.

It’s official – Jeanette Angel from Colchester has won a £3,000 kitchen makeover with a MyBuilder Kitchen Fitter. Jeanette beat over a hundred other entries to be voted to have Britain’s Worst Kitchen. In all, over 13,000 people voted on the competition and Jeanette was chosen from a shortlist of 12. Thank you to all who entered and look out for the winner's story coming soon.

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Lindsey .


I inherited some money from my Mum when she died and used it to buy a new kitchen in 2008. My sister's boyfriend installed the kitchen, along with a new boiler, for me (they are no longer together).
Two years ago, the boiler started to drip - I have had it fixed 4 times by different plumbers, but I can't stop it dripping or get it to heat water hot enough to have a bath. I can't afford to get a new boiler, and each plumber has told me that they will not fix it again because I need a new one.
My cooker stopped working after 4 years too - it had not been installed properly, so my brother put a new thick cable on it for me and it works now.
The cooker hood (light and fan) blew up a couple of months ago, and I daren't ask for it to be fixed, because I am too scared of how much it might cost.
When he installed my kitchen, he ripped my linoleum and said he would put a new floor down, but he never did.
I cannot reach anything in the corner cupboards without taking remedial measures and a torch.
My kitchen is very dark, so I always use the electric light when I go in there. For some reason, the light bulbs are constantly breaking - I have two spotlights not working at the present time - as soon as I replace the bulb, another one blows. When I replaced the last spotlight last week, it would not even work anymore.
I am a single parent with a 14 year old daughter. She feels too embarrassed to invite her friends to our house because of the kitchen floor.
I have other priorities for my money - I need to save for a new boiler first and then re-decorate and re-furbish my bedroom because the dog has been weeing up the end of my bed, so that has to be done after I have saved up for a replacement boiler.
I have spent money on buying tickets for my daughter to watch "The Wanted", and my sister has just announced that she is re-marrying in April, so I can't see that I will be buying a new boiler this year, but it is something I need and it is in my kitchen.
I have looked into the possibility of asking the Government to replace my boiler, but I do not qualify.
It's just life and I will get on with it, but if I could win a £3000 makeover, my daughter and I would be cock-a-hoot!!

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