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Britain's worst kitchen 2014 - COMPETITION CLOSED

This competition is NOW CLOSED.

It’s official – Jeanette Angel from Colchester has won a £3,000 kitchen makeover with a MyBuilder Kitchen Fitter. Jeanette beat over a hundred other entries to be voted to have Britain’s Worst Kitchen. In all, over 13,000 people voted on the competition and Jeanette was chosen from a shortlist of 12. Thank you to all who entered and look out for the winner's story coming soon.

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Mike Pope


I dream of having a kitchen like some of these. At least with mine there’s less to get rid of first. Actually looks better without the old plaster, and the plaster looked better without the old wallpaper. I couldn’t make any progress this winter as I spent 3 months with my fiancée in Naples while she had her gall bladder, remaining colon and the entire contents of her uterus removed (no, really). That’s just a play for sympathy, I wouldn’t have got round to it anyway, I mean, I started in 2012, or was it 2011? Anyway, at 70 I’m not going to live long enough to finish it at my pace, my fault for leaving it 30 years to start, amazing what you just get used to. Everybody commented on the absence of power sockets, but I’ve never found it a problem. It would, though, be a real treat for her though to not have to endure this again when she stays with me in England. I clearly don’t deserve a new kitchen, but she does.

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