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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

Congratulations to the winner!

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Lynda Glue


On purchasing a repossessed flat last year we thought only cosmetic work needed doing to the bathroom which is a window less room we could only view with phone torch when looking to buy as all utilities are off at repossessed properties on market. Once the place was ours & we went to decorate the stepladder went through the floor and nearly to the neighbour below! Turns out the previous occupants had such bad aim that urine had soaked through to the floor boarding and destroyed part of the wood chip. On closer inspection of floor boarding there are numerous water damage holes and we are now fearful that the bathtub will be falling through to neighbours if we don't sort this!
On top of this the bathtub in itself is so small it's not really big enough for me at 5"2, let alone my husband who is over 6". (We look like Fleetwood Mac Rumours album cover when we ar photographed!). Hubby doesn't feel able to use our bathtub as he doesn't fit it in and due to the insecure floorboards, plus it also has various areas of enamel gashed out of it, which despite my enamel repair attempts doesn't really cut it!
Moving onto the toilet, this doesn't flush unless you take the top of the cistern off and operate it by hand and even then it sometimes gets stuck on a constant flush and you have to mess around with the ball cock to make it stop! Of course to use the toilet in the first place you have to dodge the hole in the floor!
The sink seems ok now that we have unblocked the many toothpaste tops that were jammed down there by previous owners!
The shower over the bath isn't there but we do have a glass screen that is unattached if we wanted to mime showering in the future!
Then there is the paintwork and mold which is growing on the walls and woodwork, which is astonishing since there is a fan which makes a massive din, clearly making the noise of a fan is all it does, not extract any moisture!
We've been here nearly a year now and we still do not have the money to resolve the issues with our bathroom and actually get a safe floor and a normal length bath rather than a hobbit sized bath! All our money was sunk into buying the place as when you buy a repossession people can still make offers while you are conveyancing, we were guzumped 3 times and all our contingency savings ended up being poured into securing the sale, so we would love to get over the hurdle of sorting out the bathroom by winning, then my hubby can finish a nightshift with a longed for soak!!

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