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Tooba Khawaja


The reason why I need a bathroom makeover is that I am unable to utilise the small dimentions effectively and it is always extremely uncomfortable to enter the space since it is often cold and there is so little light, that it is also feels overwhelmingly depressing and feels encumbered.

My bathroom has not been touched by any renovation since 1977 when a shower cubicle was fitted by my father, but there has never been any plumbed in heating in the shower room and adjacent kitchen since plumbers would state it was not practical to do so. Apart from some plasterboard cladded to the walls which made the bathroom smaller, and a tubular roof light, it has been difficult to re-design and enhance the bathroom and separate W,C as there the outlay is impractical.

It has also been increasingly difficult for me to utilise the shower due to a long term disability of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to Lyme disease which leaves me completeley housebound and bedbound for days, weeks or months due to daily pain episodes. Since it is impossible to stand up due to muscle and joint pain due to the C.F.S and also new vertigo condition, fatigue, pain, migraines and light intolerance, severe dizziness and nausea, it is impossible to use the shower facility so a change to a tub bath would be of enormous benefit as it would be easier to sit in warm water which soothes or eases joint pain.

I am unable to work because of my ill-health so have not been able to proceed with a bathroom makeover or install an en suite near my bedroom over the past 20years so it would mean everything to me to improve the bathroom and WC rooms since it would enhance my day to day living.

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