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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

Congratulations to the winner!

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Carmen Pearce


oh where do I start! As you will see from the pictures our bathroom is small, outdated, small and horrid and yes I am so embarrassed and ashamed when people come over. The handle on the wall has started to leave rust marks on the tiles, the ceiling has mould on it and mould is starting to creep round the window and the bath and I feel so bad for my children as they love being in the bathroom but I hate them being in their oh and I forgot to say we have to keep a screwdriver in the bathroom to turn the taps off when we have used them to stop them leaking. I hear you ask "so why haven't you done anything about it?" So we brought this house just under 9 years ago and we had big plans for the house but after years of trying for a baby we decided to invest our savings in IVF which I am so happy to say worked first time so any left over money was spent on the nursery and other things that come with having a child. Over the next few years we saved some more money but as we were lucky enough to have two embryos frozen we felt the time was right to go through the IVF cycle again but never in our wildest dreams did we think it would work but it did and I feel pregnant with twins, yep twins! so again any money we had had to go on getting ready for their arrival. Then 6 months into my pregnancy I was made redundant which put a massive strain on us and then I nearly lost the babies and got a really bad infection and the twins were born early (sorry about the long story). Like our first born, our twins absolutely love being in the bath but due to the state of it I literally rush their baths as I hate it, whilst it is cleaned several times a week nothing is going to make it any better or enjoyable then having it ripped out but we simply can not afford it at the minute so we are appealing to you to help us win this competition so our children can have more time in the bath and I can stop stressing over it and also I can let guests use the bathroom without cringing on the inside when they asked to use it, but more than that I want my children to be able to enjoy being in the bathroom

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