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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Amy Williams


Wow where do i start...hmmm well for a bathroom for a family of 5 (3 children under 5, 2 of which are under 2.) The size is so small you litterally have to turn sideways between the sink and door to step into it, it takes just the 1 step that's all your room used up. In that one spot you can use the sink whilst sitting on the toilet, it can be handy if you're unfortunate enough to have it coming out of both ends!! The bath is enough to sit in and that's it, no chance of a relaxing soak in my tub! We choose to use the shower instead and its easier all round than the hassle of trying to manoeuvre to run a bath, all the bath toys, childs toilet seats and step ups etc are all stored in the bath tub, so moving them to one end of the bath and having a shower is much easier than finding somewhere to put all of it. Having our bathroom redesigned would not only mean we could have a well functioning bathroom with storage space we desperately need, but it would mean that i could be a better mum and not feel the guilt when i cant get in the bathroom with them to help brush my childrens teeth or help wipe my 5 yr olds bottom when she needs me, or even give them a proper bath with out having to sit on the toilet (handy u may think) but not when its a necessity in order to have some room to wrap the baby on my lap and hand him to my hunby who has had to stretch around the door so i can pass the baby over whilst my toddler is standing in the only available space between my feet, whilst my daughter waits on the landing for her turn, i want to do what mums should and be able to do and potty train my children without the logistical nightmare of not being able to be in the bathroom with them. Having our bathroom makeover would make our family run smoother and we can all enjoy bath time instead of the military operation its become taking the extra time we would have gained at bath and bed time to sit and relax and bond with a book a little longer. I can dream!! But that is exactly what having our bathroom made over could do for us as a family. I see a bathroom as a room used alot more than other rooms and having the old, grubby, dated eye sore updated as it hasnt been remotely re decorated since we bought our home over 10 years ago, I'm embarrassingly ashamed of it and keep its door closed hoping for a miricle. Its not happened yet :( I try my best to deter visitors from needing to use it as i cant bear to think about their thoughts are whilst in there please help our family to want to use the bathroom instead on trying to wait to see if we're going out anywhere to use one thats nicer!!! Lol.

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