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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

Congratulations to the winner!

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Tracy Martin


After having our main bathroom refitted 3 years ago I am desperately struggling to get in and out of the bath to shower due to issues with my knees .. I have been told that I need a double knee replacement due to severe ostio arthritis... my husband and I were due to start the next project in our house after Christmas which is to fit a new ensuite bathroom to our bedroom following extension works where the original shower room was demolished... I desperately need a walk in shower to elleviate me struggling to bend my knees to get into the main bathrooms shower as it is over the bath!! Winning this competition would make my life so much easier due to the extreme pain I have and waiting for my operation date which I will be put on the waiting list for at my next appointment in September... waiting list I am told exceeds 6 months... I struggle to walk 100 yards at the moment without severe discomfort. The consultant has advised that he doesn't know how I am walking as I have very little cartilidge between my knees and I have bone rubbing on bone! I have already decided what I want in my new bathroom already and the reason we can't do it until next year is because I have to save for it.... just the items I want from you alone are about £3,000 then fitting on top... to win this completion would bring the bathroom to me so much quicker as I could put the winnings towards it... and make things so much easier for me to be able to wash... x
When extending our house to enable our 4 children to have their own room we demolished the original ensuite shower room to our bedroom... due to my husband losing his main self employed contract 4 years ago due to the company going 'bump' we have been unable to finish works in the house... the ensuite will be at the opposite end of the bedroom to where it was originally so it's a bigger job than just a refit.... to win would go a long way to helping us get this project underway a lot quicker 😃😃.... please overlook the 'mess' but we are having a major change around due to family members changing bedrooms etc... the pic shows where the bathroom will be going, walls have to be built too, but we can't do that until we have a plan of how big the bathroom needs to be to fit it what I want...

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