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Sian Robertson


When we first moved in 2 and a half years ago, we just thought it was a bit dated so we could wait and do it up in time with the little bit of money we had left over. However, we moved in in winter and the boiler wouldn't turn on! It turned out to be older than us, so no cheap fix and so we had to replace it! Not a problem, we thought seeing as it was just a bit unattractive with it's green bath, multi-tiles and green carpet, but all seemed to work. After a few weeks, the tiles started to come off - they had been held in place with tape! The polystyrene tiles started to come away from the ceiling in places. Our first Christmas in 2015, my parent's came to stay and the toilet started leaking. We found out it was held in place by a pair of tights!!!! This was swiftly followed by leaks from the bath and the window!! The front door had small holes in it, but as it leads straight into our living room it created a gale which meant no matter how high the heating was on you were always cold. The back door was broken by the boiler men when they left the front and back open at the same time to drain the system!! Oh, and the ceiling fell down in our bedroom, luckily not while we were in it. So we had to prioritise jobs, luckily we have a downstairs loo (the sink leaks in there too, but that's the least of our worries) which helps. We went for the bedroom ceiling, windows and doors, but couldn't pay to get it all made good on the inside, so we now have plasterboard on the bedroom ceiling, the brick wall partly exposed around the bathroom window, the bath has sealant everywhere - the toilet is unusable, and the floor has been left bare to dry out from the numerous leaks!! We really aren't fussy, just a working toilet would make all the difference, as would a more modern bath that my 6'3" partner could actually fit in. Also being able to take a shower standing up, instead of crouching in the bath as we risk causing another leak.
We had always rented before this, so it's been a bit full on, but at least the house is warm and ours and we love it anyway!!

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