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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Linda Sheppard

Leigh On Sea 

We renewed our bathroom 40 years ago! The bathroom is my favourite place to be and desperate for an update is an understatement. The tiles I try to ignore! Look at them please. The bath I loved 40 years ago , was an enormous shock 20 years ago when we came home from a weekend away and discovered there was a hole in it, our grown up children that stayed home had no idea how this happened. We repaired it with car body filler. The toilet that hasn't flushed properly for 10 years! With the 10th and cheapest seat sliding on top. The basin that partly melted after a lit candle must have been thrown in it, well that's my guess. I have to explain to anyone that uses it that it is not dirt. The cabinet door under the basin was made from a kitchen cupboard I thought it was clever 40 years ago! The extremely sealed flooring is a consequence of multiple rain sessions experienced down stairs where slouched teenagers would leap to their feet and run upstairs. The window that keeps the room ventilated with its north wind doth blow action.the rusty radiator that makes sure we never get warm and cozy when having a relaxing bath. I loved my bathroom 40 years ago she has weathered some storms along with me. We deserve an update we have been very patient indeed.

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