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Heather Bottomley


We have a flat roof and struggle with condensation in winter as there are 5 people living here and all have showers. I now have polystyrene tiles on the ceiling and they are easy to paint over but look dated. There is no fan due to the flat roof and side extension. The ugly pipes are all on show due to the old casing being rotten and having to come out during a repair. The floor is ok. The 2yr old crome radiator is showing signs of rusting. The tiles around the bath are dated and the grout is stained and weak.
The bath is too narrow for a shower sceen(solid) and the curtain pole keeps falling down.The cistern lid is too deep and pushes against the toilet seat lid when you are sat down on the toilet. A new £2000 bathroom would mean no more apologising to guests for the wonky seat, the manky pipes and black mouldy bits on the ceiling. I'd feel a million dollars and so very very grateful.

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