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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Caroline Kathel


Our bathroom resembles less of a tranquil spa space to relax and unwind for a mummy, daddy and their 3 cherubs and more a room from the fiery depths of hell. Crumbling taps, literally pieces of metal breaking away before your v eyes, ill fitting non waterproof laminate which isn't sealed properly round the loo which with boys in the house well you get the picture, the original 50s bathsuite including high top cistern and tin bath, mould, rough walls, no door handle, mould, bizarre attempt at tongue and groove wooden ceiling of doom, it leaves me with a feeling of despair and deep sadness reaching for the Pinot griggio to get through bathtimes! In April 2015 our beautiful daughter was diagnosed with a genetic condition so rare it only affects 1 in 64000 children, this has led to her attending a special school that fits her needs and amongst other things, her having ASD and sensory issues one of which is her love for all things fluid! Bathtimes are especially fun for her and not so much for our kitchen ceiling as the bathroom flooring isn't suitable / waterproof!! A proper sealed floor and a lovely safe bath without metal breaking off would make a massive difference to her bathtimes and our stress levels!! Did I mention the mould! Please help a slummy mummy in need!

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